Ahhhh, Seneca. Home to steep approaches, loose rock and "biting" ladybugs (or so I've been told). But its a fantastic place. Two giant quartzite fins that are about as wide as a sidewalk at their tops making for some fun multipitch trad climbing. I've been sucked in. Camping is pretty strait forward, but that may just be because I haven't been there a lot. The best place to stay seems to be the Seneca Shadows campground.

You can either reserve sites are pull into one of the first come, first serve sites. The camping ares have fire pits, lantern poles, picnic tables and easy access to toilets and showers. For breakfast, there is the 4-U diner down the road to the right as you pull out of the camp road a little ways that is the place most climbers seem to head, or there is another resteraunt a little further down the road if the 4-U is too crowded.